Kyle Sandford: I challenge you!!

To a breakdance fight!!

I'm working my moves. They are totally ..uh.. fresh!

Lets do this thing at OSWI 1V !

P.S. How is your leg buddy? I'm sure most of the people in attendance heard your 'shotgun' knee.

Not Lettuce I can help you out with the latest moves if you need some. Just ask around the club this week and numerous sources can verify I am a mean,lean dancing, women heart throbbing machine.


I will give you the best DVD on B-Boy'in!! The Freshest Kids!!!

I heard the knee and it was pretty scary sounding!

Oh yeah... take out my good knee, then challenge me to a breakdance fight. I see how ya roll.

Haven't seen the doc yet. I don't think it's good though.

I hope it's nothing too serious and that it doesn't keep you off of the mats and away from training. You were one slick MOFO out there.


I'm sorry to hear that Kyle. I'll talk to you on Sunday.

Not Lettuce, it was great seeing you again. Looks like I'm making a NS trip in 2005. Please read the TTT for OSWI & Liborio1 for some nasty and evil things I said about you.

Sandford, it was also great to meet you.

Wiley, for the love of God and all of mankind, please shut-up....just joking.

NOT LETTUCE, maybe you are new to the province of Nova Scotia, buuut, you can not have a breakdance fight without approving it through King Norm first. We can work out the details later, but you must first compete against me before you get to go against Kyle "I steal my moves from BTT, and call them my own, because I am unorigonal, and only have 2 moves" Sandford.

On a more serious note, Kyle, hommie, cracka, whiteboy, too bad to hear about that knee of yours, ive gotta test it out later to see if it really is ok.

And im glad to hear that the 2 of you NOT LETTUCE, and Kyle the unrude boy did well at the OSWI.

NOT LETTUCE could you e-mail me at or leave your e-mail address. I would like to discuss having you come to Saint John, NB to maybe do a weekend seminar. Thank you in advance.

Norm, sorry I didn't go through the proper santioning body for this match-up. We have to make the world understand that breakdance fighting is a beautiful artform, and not a mindless brawl.

Nathan, you've got mail.

Unsanctioned breakdance fighting sets us all back, and makes us all look bad!

Be responsible you guys! There is a protocol that needs to be followed.

I think Not Lettuce and Sandford should have a dance off and the winner taking on Jeff Joslin on a revolving dance floor.

Will there be one of those revolving relective disco balls?

Nobody wants a part of Jeff Joslin's Electric Boogaloo mojo breakdancing ninja techniques!

The one time I got to roll with him he was nice enough to tell me what he was going to do before he went and did it anyway.

You have to appreciate that.

Thanks Wiley. It was great to compete in grappling again. Forgot how fun it can be... When Rowan is done crippling me, and I'm competing in Ontario again... remind me to get some points before trying subs. I'm stuborn like that.

Big thanks to Jeff, and all the guys at Joslins. Great bunch of guys, with lots of talent. No "Let's beat up the out of towner" vibe. Really made me feel welcome.

Nathan, I don't recommend Rowan for a breakdancing seminar. While his moves are pretty, they are mostly old school, and won't be much help in todays breakdance competitions. The sport has evolved too much.

Rowan is the Rorion Gracie of breakdancing!

LOL @ Kyle. Thxs for the heads-up man but you must remember I'm from Saint John!!

I can't get this image out of my head of a "dance off". Right away I think of the "Dance off's" in Zoolander and Starsky & Hutch. Rowan is the Ben Stiller of Jiu Jitsu and dance off's.

I always say "There's nothing quite like a good dance off"