Kyle Will EAT Ricco

You guys are quick to dismiss Kyle against his fight with Ricco.

Ricco is actually on a 3 weight losing streak and Kyle is coming off an impressive buffet destruction of Simms
Whether or not he bit Simms is not the issue, he did bite Simms but failed to chew his food thoroughly enough to finish it and was forced to tenderize it a bit more.

This shows he is willing to put everything on the line to improve his diet.

The sign of a true warrior. Much like Gerad when he bit Royce on the ear, or Emanuel Yarbrough who, had he not lost his teeth would surly have devoured his opponent.

Kyle will win this via lunch.

They should definately have Kyle vs. Ricco in the future. If Zuffa would market it right, it could work well.


I concur with Popeye. Kyle will surely study Tyson/Holyfield II and learn from Iron Mike's technique, noting how he follows through and finishes the bite...leverage is key.

Kyle via lunch, possibly with a side of bacon if Ricco continues to fight at 260.

go ears

Ricco by anything he wants.

I would hardly call that win over simms impressive.

He better be glad he fought an out of shape Sims on one days notice and not Cabbage. A in shape Cabbage or even a Sims who could train a few weeks would give him all kinds of trouble. Cabbage still looked like he could train some more but he looked like he was in decent shape( for him anyway) and would have beat Kyle had the fight gone off as planned.

Ricco would beat him because he is not at Ricco`s level of fighting yet.

Just wait till I train for your ass.

Kyle should not be back in the UFC, ever. Rick James is correct.

I hope I'm not overlooking the obvious, but is this fight signed or rumored or merely fun to speculate about? Are they scheduled to fight somewhere? Thanks.

LOL@ all you fools thinking this is real it says KYLE WILL EAT RICCO...EAT HIM "KYLE BY LUNCH"IT'S A SPIN YOU DIM WITS!!

I think everyone should be terribly afraid of Kyle after his dismantling of one of the most dominating stars of the sport of MMA in Wes Simms. LOL, who in the UFCs heavyweight division CAN Simms beat??? Anyone else getting tired of this never ending cascade of hype for Kyle?? It seems he has become the newest hype machine of the UG.

literally! bite at a time.

Kyle should never return to UFC I will be very disappointed if he is invited back (though from all the talk sounds like he will be)

at least when Simms fouled he did it blatantly knowing he would have to accept the consequences, not sneaky cheating like Kyle. Kyle is a joke and a disgrace. I respect Simms 10x as much as Kyle