KyokoshinCatch says, "1911s RULE!...glock is fheg"


Sgt agrees!

you carry two on the same side? no can yosemite sam like that?

i fucking hate glocks. hate them because they're prejudice and require part white blood to work.

secret Samurai Militia training camp? SGT, No eye and ear protection...teach me how to block out loud noises so I can use against my wife...

hold your breath when you jack tends to muffle sounds.

FCTV808 - hold your breath when you jack tends to muffle sounds.

I don't mind the laughing. It is everything else...

I have deeply buried foam plugs. We had cloud cover and intermittent rain and with my oakleys I could see my sights....thats a GI configuration 1911, real tiny sights :(

Here's a pic KC took a few seconds earlier.......LOL@ halo of gunsmoke surrounding my head and face 

 Here a pic of KC when he look like a 1980s reject holywood comedy movie azian with his cok bottle glasses and squinting at the target.


post op man hands.

You ain't kidding about cleaning :(......Sat. when I returned home was corrosion-control (CC), I punched out the barrel with a wet patch, shot some CLP into the firecontrol and wiped down with CLP rag. Sun. was detail strip 2 1911's along with my snubby and AR15.

A 1911 is a weapon you must be willing to care for and learn about....Glocks are like whores you buttfuk, but they take it GOOOOOD!

The newbies with 1911s....careful with lubing the FC (sear, disconector, trigger safety) Dry is best because many lubes can create a film that hardens over long periods into almost like a glaze or attracts dirt, sand, etc. In bad weather a light oil will prevent corrosion until a detail cleaning can be done. Even then it really only takes 15mins or so to detail strip and wipe down for CC.

and by "detail strip" I mean complete dissasembly of MSH, FC, mag catch, slide....don't mistake a "field strip" for such :( We're talking every spring (6, 1 being a flat spring), every part removed from slide and frame and tunnels cleaned out. Is no joke frens.

You also need to learn how to tune an extractor, replace an ejector and plunger tube. All fairly easy once you learn how if you want a gun to last 100years......I have one I used to carry and shoot A LOT, it's 94 years old and I'd run that fukker on micros and commies w/o hesitation.

^^hey,sounds like make a good class no....maybe cover lube and maintenance, types of cleaners, lubes, etc.

I wonder who could teach something like that and where people could go?


[quote]Stu P Dasso - Lol at cleaning weapons. Glock and ak for the win :) Phone Post[/quote] 

your GEELOCK will never live to 94 years old fren!

KyokushinCatch - that and adam's apple

really though, and not ripping on anyone with smaller hands, but one criticism of glocks has been that their grips are too big - especially so in their double-stacked .45 ACP

they're making "slim frame" glocks in .45 now, and 4th generation glocks of other calibers now have slimmer grips, but come with additional backstraps you can add in case you'd like something thicker in your hands

again though, glocks = good, real good, right out of the box, and FAR easier to clean than the over 100 year-old technology that is M1911. that said, 1911 is a proven, winning war-horse that puts nice BIG holes right where you want 'em

I like 'em both, a lot

btw, my 1911 in the pics above are a Sig Sauer 1911 Scorpion. great weapon for less than 1K

IMHO a SA XD(m) 45 is kinda the best of both worlds. Very comfy grip(to me anyways) and the user friendliness and reliability of a polymer...and that's coming from a Glock and 1911 owner/fan Phone Post

KyokushinCatch - oh yeah, that's a glock 23 (.40 caliber) in my holster in those pics

I love my 23! Cheeee! Phone Post

Stu P Dasso - Lol at cleaning weapons. Glock and ak for the win :) Phone Post

Also this! Phone Post

this is the way i clean my gun, clean my gun, clean my gun...

*in tune to 'we all go round the mulberry bush"

KyokushinCatch -
yakumomutsu - 
Stu P Dasso - Lol at cleaning weapons. Glock and ak for the win :)
Also this!

after hours in the rain, mud, and muck, spent about an hour cleaning and lubing my 1911

spent about 10 minutes doing the same for my glock. all firearms need to be cleaned & lubed from time to time. don't believe the hype about any gun not needing to be cleaned - ees boolsheet, frenz

Totally agree, it's more so about the ease of stripping and cleaning

I remember reading about a respected member of the firearms community(don't remember who lol) being asked if he cleans his guns every time he shoots them, and his answer was something along the lines of "do you wipe your ass every time you take a shit"....that always stuck with me and I took it to heart Phone Post

Stu P Dasso - Meh. Lube? Yes. Clean from time to time. Yes. Clean every fkn time? Fk that. A little carbon doesn't = fecal matter imo Phone Post

Lol Phone Post