Kyokushin rndhouse vs MT rndhouse?

pros and cons please

They both hurt...mission accomplished.

The way I learned was in kyokushin you pivot on the supporting foot while in Muay Thai the supporting foot is placed with toes out already eliminating the pivot. They are both quite powerful however I would say you get more power with the Thai kick however if missed you tend to overcommit whereas in Kyokushin if missed you simply re pivot back to original position.

grapplua, I've seen mt guys pivot and plant. different guys have different methods.

Kyokushin guys tend to snap the roundhouse, were mt swing it deadleg. since both turn the hips over it's powerful, but the debate goes back & forth mt guys say that the snap is less powerful. but there are plenty of dutch guys who have used it well...

IMO, the reason why Dutch folks snap is due to the fact that a lot of MT gyms in Netherlands were
founded by Kyokushin guys.

Technician has just put a serious hurtin' on the correct.

I have worked out with good guys from both approaches. The Thai trained guys kick harder, without a doubt. Kyokushin guys seem to be borrowing the Thai kick, too (no knee snap, knee across, all hip and everything else, counter balanced arm, hit down); I don't think Thai fighters see a snapping round kick and adopt it too often.

This is not taking a thing away from Kyokushin and all its offshoots to create devastating fighting techniques. I am just answering a question based on what I have seen.

I look forward to other replies.