Kyokushin vs K-1: photos

Glaube Feitosa vs Alistair Overeem

Francisco Filho vs Remmy Bonjasky

Great photos. Thanks for taking the time to post them!

great pics. I can't believe Filho beat Remy.

yo nice job on the pics

yo nice job on the pics

Filho is a great fighter when he's on. He came into K1 when Hug, Aerts, and Hoosts were in their primes, but possibly fading a bit and he was running with the torch for a little while.
When he bring his 'A' game and isn't plagued by injuries, he can beat anybody.

Great Pictures!!!!!!!

Thank You Bro !!!!!!!!

NICE!!!! Thanks BRO!!

Thanks any links for VID up yet?

No problem guys.

One more:Feitosa vs Overeem

Where are all the karate haters?????

Filho made a resurgence.....good news,though Ichigeki was not aired in the place I live in.

Filho must have brought his A game that night. When he's on, he's incredible. I wish he was able to bring his A game more often. Even still, he's a dangerous opponent for any kickboxer.
Did he unleash his straight right punch on Bonjowsky? From what I've seen, it's his most powerful strike.

I feel sorry for that one dude. Letting retarded people fight...just bad taste man...

mtan2:i only know thta Filho put Remmy down on the third round with a right hand.

Peace and''um grande abraço''

great stuff. Thanks for the pics.

peace - skrump