Kyrie Irving BANNED from team until vaccinated!

What are you doing with his info here, you should tell this breaking news to Adam Shefter… I didn’t know you had the inside scoop straight from the man’s agent.

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“Shut up and dribble”, lol

Funny how he didn’t need to say a damn thing for you faggot lefties to get reeeeeee’d up lol


The league literally wouldn’t allow it to happen either, but that’s besides the point

Kyrie is just going to sit out with no lawsuit against anyone. He’s an idiot.

the NBA PA has already agreed that he can lose pay…whose he gonna sue? the Players Association?
the avenue exists for him to get his full contract pay, he is consciously making a choice to forego that avenue, as is his right. Freedom of choice doesnt equal freedom from consequences. I absolutely support his right to choose. However, dont bitch about what comes with that choice.

Did Kyrie claim otherwise?

Have you seen him bitch one time? I haven’t.


true…its everyone else bitching for him hahaha

As usual… Goalposts moved.


goalposts? I just agreed with you

am i wrong to say everyone else is bitching for him? This is the first time I have ever seen the OG rally around an Anthem kneeling, BLM activist. Its truly remarkable

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Gotta take what you can get when confirmation bias is the name of the game.

I don’t see bitching I see people agreeing that it should be his choice.

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You would know captain

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First you’re his agent, now you’re the commissioner… my god you are so important!

For sure.

Any day now

He should sue New York. There are options for unvaxxed visiting performers (players) to simply get covid tested and still be able to play/perform in New York. This mandate doesn’t make much sense. It’s only one dose which we know is not protective.

Just yesterday and injunction was granted against the vaccine mandate for healthcare workers as well.


gotcha…thought you meant to sue the team or the league, as they are just abiding by local health mandates. Its an interesting take to sue the City/State…though not sure he is the type to pursue that

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Also there is zero recognition about immunity after infection in this law. It’s just completely stupid and needs to be challenged.

edit…it’s even more non sensical that they are accepting Sinovac as a valid vaccination after 1 shot. That shit is worthless lol. This law is clearly not about “protecting the public”. It’s just a lazy law written by lazy politicians that want to come across as taking action.