L Beerbohm TKOs Gerald Strebendt

One of my up and coming fighters Lyle Beerbohm won by TKO in Rd 1 lastnight over Gerald Strebendt. Lyle has only been fighting for 9 months. He is 12-0 AM and 3-0 PRO already.

Strebendt came out strong like we knew he would and had many different sub attempts and had Lyle in touble. Lyle cut Gereald from the bottom with a elbow. Then Lyle got back to his feet and Gerald couldn't take him down. Strebendt hurt his knee somehow in one of the scrambles. Not long after he tapped out.

If any promoters are interested in booking Lyle at 155 lbs he is ready and licensed in Ca you can drop me a eamil.


12 Ammie fights?

12 amateur wins! He still hasn't been to a decision in any fight.

Big win, congrats.


sounds like a tough kid

he stopped because he hurt his knee, your fighter tapped him or ref stopped because of TKO?

rubber guard imo

I was at another show but I got the call from Lyle and his corner. Lyle was not happy that Gerald stop fighting. He felt that he quit when he couldn't take him down.

Gerald fights alot like Hallman it's all or nothing with the sub attempts. We had a game plan to survive the storm then get the pressure on from there.

You do have to be able to finish the fight to win the fight and yes it is called a TKO. Tnis happen to my guy Pat Healy when he was fighting Tiki. Tiki got hurt and had to stop.


Are these ammie fights like midwest fights where the person is paid under the table? How does one pay for training and take the time to train for twelve ammie fights? I just started taking pro fights because that was the only way to justify the time spent training and not working.



I love fight finders where a fighter fights pro (win), then amateur (loss), then amateur (win), then pro (win), pro (win), then amateur (loss), etc

You mean like mine? Hehe.

I only have one totally unrecorded fight on my record, so I count that one as amateur too. Other than that, I think my sixth and ninth fights are recorded as amateur. Weird midwest shit.

Here in Wa state when your a AM that is it. You don't get paid at all and you have AM rules. Like on our shows there is no knees to the head and no elbows at all. You fight 3 three min rds non title and 5 three min rds for title.

Lyle is a tough guy. He is a wrestler that likes to stand and bang. His submission defense is real good and in 15 fights not one dec yet.

BTW his ring name is "Fancy Pants"!

Well, imo he should have been getting paid about six fights earlier.

Anthony, I took him down and easily passed his guard and mounted him. what the fuck do you mean I quit when I couldnt take him down?? Spare us this bullshit and put the video up here so everyone can make up their own mind. I either tore my knee or dislocated it on the takedown I'm waiting for the mri on thursday. Lets put things in perspective buddy your guy is a wrestler based fighter and I took him down two or three times at will. This is me, Gerald Strebendt junior varsity wrestler!!!! Did you know that Faliniko Vitale defeated Matt Lindland by tko slam! Javier Vasquez also lost a decision to Alberto Crane! The problem is that everyone sitting ringside heard Javi's acl explode and everyone with a pulse saw Lindland back to back Vitale and hit his head on a part of the floor that didnt have any padding. So yes Anthony, Lyle gets a tko win over me but by all means put the video up here and let everyone see Gerald Strebendt put a wrestling clinic on your top fighter. You keep talking stupid and I'll get a cortizone shot and fight Lyle again in the feb show.

Rubber guard = rubber knees

grabs popcorn to enjoy the show

oh snap, its 'bout to get ugly in hurrrr

I made a shitload of popcorn....won't be able to finish myself. Feel free to grab a handful.