L. Garcia Added To TUF 5 Finale

UFC lightweight Leonard Garcia (9-2 MMA, 0-1 UFC), perhaps best known for his entertaining and tough-fought loss to Roger Huerta at UFC 69, will make his return to the Octagon at The Ultimate Fighter 5 Finale on June 23.

Garcia will face an as-of-yet unknown cast member from The Ultimate Fighter 5, according to The Fight Network.

Garcia, a Ring of Fire lightweight champion, had his eight-fight win streak snapped with that loss at UFC 69 (though it was only his second professional fight in more than four years).

However, he weathered three full rounds from Huerta — oftentimes with a smile on his face — before succumbing to a unanimous-decision loss. The fight has already been lauded as one of the year’s best.

With a cast of 16 lightweights — and only Marlon Sims and Noah Thomas already booked for a fight at the finale — The Ultimate Fighter 5 could present Garcia a variety of possible opponents.

The Ultimate Fighter 5 Finale takes place at The Palms in Las Vegas and airs on Spike TV. The main event features this season’s two coaches: B.J. Penn and Jens Pulver.

Garcia has earned me as a fan of his

he's what MMA is starting to miss

Leonard rules!!!

Awesome.  Want to see that kid fight again. 

anyone have any clue who he might be facing?

Garcia fan here! Hope he has another good outing.

Awesome, can't wait. Gotta admit I like seeing more mexican american fighters.

My prediction is Manny.

"Marlon Sims and Noah Thomas already booked for a fight at the finale"

WTF? Why are these two clowns on the finale? I thought that after Dana kicked both of them to the curb for their stupid antics that that would be the last we'd see from either of them in the UFC! Damn.

agreed Blix

my main reason for not wanting to see them fight again, is that they both got dominated in the 1st round of the comp.

^All the more reason to put them against each other. See if either of them should be given a chance again. At least make some money.

Leonard should face Gabe... or cake instead...

Good Leonard and his wicked chin.

i bet it's monsta lobster

"All the more reason to put them against each other. See if either of them should be given a chance again"

I thought Dana's little profanity laced tirade pretty much said it all. He was disgusted that two pro's would go out and become the stereotype that has marred this sport with negative publicity since day one. Dana, while just showing he's even more two-faced than I thought; it also shows that he doesn't actually give a shit about the image of the sport and only wants to make a couple of bucks filling out a card where he only has to pay the guys 2k/2k.

i saw the garcia / huerta fight live. this kid has a ton of heart and I look forward to seeing fight again. I'll be at this fight too.

"WTF? Why are these two clowns [Marlon Sims and Noah Thomas] on the finale?"

Because they're so bad that it will make mediocre TUF fighters look awesome.

It's a good idea, but the jig is up with Pride's fighters coming over and making UFC champs look like 2nd stringers.

It only works in an insulated environment where talent is carefully controlled.

I'd like to see him fight Cole, Lauzon, Wiman, or Nate Diaz.

i think wiman/garcia would make for a great fight.

My guess is that he should face one of the fighters who loses the matches
that are on now or maybe even a loser from the semifinals.

Leonard seems too good to face anyone else from the show.