LA Boxing fighters at K1!!!

TTT for LA Boxing Owner/Trainer/Fighter - SEAN MCCULLY who is fighting Scott Lighty from Chuck Liddel's - Slokickboxing

and the AWESOME TOM JONES vs Yacobian!

Both of my LA Boxing bro's are fighting in K1's Battle at the Bellagio April 30th.

May the God's of Fighting Victory be with them!!!

HJ - Resident Korean - Ill be there ringside - come by and say hello.

Good luck to your fighting bro's!!!

Which LA Boxing location?

Good Luck!

The main gym is Costa Mesa, CA





who all's at la boxing now? pride's cory peterson, jeremy williams from NG, john lober..? brian foster is gone to millenia? what about phil ensmiger(?), popularized on that hbo special on vale tudo touraments.

i do hate k-1 though. went to one in mandalay bay, and being a no-holds-barred ultimate fighting fan, i couldn't stand seeing the referee step in-between the two competitors every 15 seconds whenever they'd hold. what's on the schedule for LAB's cage fighting? anybody at wec, ifc, GC, kotc, ufc, pride..?

hmm, i see john polakowski and rob mccullough on the card. john was a last second replacement for olaf alfonso at the last wec, and put in an excellent effort, fight of the night, ending in JD. mccullough was also on the card that night against harris sarmiento from hawaii, another close JD.


It was a night of some of the WORST night of referee work I ever witnessed. They were confused as to what to allow and when to allow it.

One ref would call "Double Knees or the Knees to the Head in the clinch - ILLEGAL!" the other would let it go. Some refs would give an eight count some wouldnt - WTF K1 get some refs that know the K! game not the refs that the NV Atheletic com assigns. We had some well known Boxing refs but they didnt know the rules of K1!

This resulted in Sean McCully getting robbed when he took a great shot (all respect to Scott Lighty) but got up on one knee and looked directly at the ref to take an 8 count (get some rest) but was then the FIGHT WAS CALLED! WTF IS THAT!!!!!

We did see MANY MMA and K1 stars and party with them as well. EVEN TYSON AND ALI!

Rampage, Ray Sefo, Tito, Chuck, Royce, Mo Smith, BJ Penn, Ricco R, Kimo, then I got drunk and who knows who else we hung out with - too many to list! Got the pics tho'

Congrats to Razor Rob and Tom Jones for their great victories!


The Sapp vs Glanville fight seemed like a work tho....

Jeremy Williams is not with NG

I don't think John Lober is with LA Boxing anymore either.

Gary Hughes

Congrats to LA Boxing!


Sean is a tough guy and all but Lighty (fighting out of The Pit) hurt him BAD with that left hook, after completly dominating the first round. He couldn't have gotten up after an eight MINUTE count.

My comments are more about the inconsistent officiating - some refs called knees some didnt. some called the clinch some didnt, etc. I gave Scott all the credit & respect for a great shot as did Sean

"he took a great shot (all respect to Scott Lighty)"

If you were there you saw the refs getting pulled aside and being told the rules while the bouts were going on - remember!?

Thank you for the support! All respect to Scott Lighty
he is a great fighter and I think he will go far!The fight for me was a dream come true! Just to fight in K1 was a triumph! I have been plauged with Injures and it was Just 8 weeks after hernia surjery. I normaly fight at light heavy weight but I had an oppertunity to play with the big boys& I did! No fear no regrets.I would do it again and maybe win! I'm definetly not a heavy weight but I have been a fan of K1 for years and it was an honor to be a part of it!
Sean"Crazy Hunter" McCully

Classy post!! Congrats on your showing!!

Scott Lighty is a great fighter with a bright future!
He did drop me in the 2nd! I was looking at the ref waiting an 8 count, the count never came! Yes I could have goten up! I was doing the smart thing trying to maximize my time off.Scott won the fight and did dominate the 1st round I was mounting a comeback in the 2nd and I wanted to finnish the fight!I fight as a light heavy weight.I had an oppertunity to play with the big boys in the best kickboxing show in the world! I'd do it all agian in a sec! No fear no regrets! Respect to my opponet and the fans!
Sean"Crazy Hunter"McCully