They opened one here in northwest austin, cedar park really...

the site actually sickens me... i am biased against corporate shit like this

anyone know anything about these mc-boxing gyms?

seems like thay have quite a few endorsements:

and is chuck liddell a purple belt?


is this kind of like how bas rutten is a member of the krav maga family of schools??

damn this thread is sinking fast


chuck really is a purple belt under john lewis

Chuck is a purple from John Lewis I think.

ever heard of or tried out these gyms? any opinions?

any big name fighters ever come out of the extensive la boxing franchise chain?

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And a black belt in Hawaiian Kempo (an offshoot of Kajukenbo, ahem).

Shit Slick I forgot! :) Goes and hides in the closet for punishment! haha

ya they have one by my house, in fullerton Ca, checked it out mostly a bunch of fighters teaching..

hes been a purple since 03 i think..still hasnt gotten his brown