LA Confidential: The aftermath of UFC on FOX 4

After the fights we made a few stops including Blakley's Birthday party at the Palm, the Moutai Beer party at ESPN Zone, and then the Ryan Bader/ Tapout afterparty at Confidential featuring a live performance by Beverly Kills (UFC DJ Al3 and 36mafia drummer, Josh Villata). even made an appearance although wouldn't allow photos. Other familiar faces included Randy Couture, Jay Glazer, Aaron Simspon, Gray Maynard, CB Dollaway, Cyrille Diabate, Travis Browne, Ricco Rodriguez, Kala Alexander, and more!

Click the link or photo below to view the pics:

Please TTT!!! thank you for the support all!

bornop - CB's hat just gave me another reason to hate him Phone Post

Lol Phone Post

JAY GLAZER IS THE MAN ....getting MMA exposure on NFL And Fox