LA County Reinstates Mask Mandate

Don’t worry guys once there is a vaccine that’s proven effective against variants they will ease their authoritarian mandates.

Wait what, we already have that? Nah they promised not possible.


Looks like the sheriff’s dept. says fuck your mask mandates.


That’s a Democrat that’s still somewhat sane.

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So consensus seems to be the vaccines aren’t super effective at preventing you from getting the Delta variant, but still very effective at preventing you from getting very sick from the variant. Most news articles fail to mention the important second part - so people will just be absorbing that vaccinated people can still catch the variant and we’ll begin to see “cases on the rise” all over the country again soon.

Is herd immunity even possible? Seems like there will be weaker / non-serious but contagious variants that bypass the vaccine in terms of infection… and since the 3rd world can’t realistically vaccinate, we should all just be planning for perpetual panic for the next year or two until people stop giving a shit?

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Those things no longer exist in the same universe.

I’m sorry. If you are still a Democrat after the past 3-4 years, you are a fucking dummy. A big fucking dummy. I only know a handful of sloppy late middle aged fatter women that still hold on to the dem party with pride. None very bright, NONE self sustaining in any way shape or form.

The dem party is trying to kill the country. We have a foreign asset running the country. Fucking china Joe the kiddie diddler.


On the plus side, Dems are the ones trying to get Marijuana legalized on the federal level.

Not a great consolation prize for destroying the gaff.

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This is what would be called “Friendly Fascism”.

The way to implement totalitarianism is to do so by presenting a threat and implementing it under the guise of “protecting the greater good”.

No amount of mask wearing, no amount of people being vaccinated, will be enough to stop it.

It’s like giving an alcohol one beer under the promise that he will not ask for another.

No amount is enough.

First is two weeks. Then it’s one year. Then it’s 50%. Then 70%. Then 90%.

And when they get to 90%, they will proceed to go after the last ten.

These people saying “just do it so we can have our lives back”, however well meaning, do not understand how power or the world works.


It’s legal in 37 states already.

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Don’t comply. Have some testicular fortitude. The fat ladies aren’t going to fight a thing.


Damn, I’m glad I live in the Midwest. Everyone here stopped following the mask mandate long before they lifted the first one.


JJitsu’s “Worthless Flyover Fuckground” is over there!

If we’re going to have a brave new world we are going to need the masses to have their soma.

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I don’t know how democrat he is. But he would never win the sheriff election in LA county unless he’s running as a D. I know a few deputies in LA co and they seem to like him and think he’s a good leader. They despise the county leadership outside of that though.

He ran as a big time democrat/reformer/sanctuary city loving liberal. He saw what happened during and after the BLM fiasco and got red pilled.

That has been a libertarian position for 40 years. Dont give democrats any credit on this front.

Hillary, Biden and Obama are all drug warriors. Its like gay marriage, they were ALL against gay marriage but now act like they have been life long champions for LGBT+

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I mean when democrats will literally choose rioters over police it might wake you up.


Thats a godamned mexiCAN.