LA Democrat Mayor Candidate Had Guns Stolen From Home

There is some fishy shit going on for sure.

Whoever took the guns, took ONLY the guns and left money, valuables, etc.

She also claimed that they broke into her safe/lockbox that the gun was in.

Oh, and last week the LA Times wrote a story about how she is part of a corruption trial for a LA City Councilman


Yeah, when professional burglars see cash sitting there, they usually just pass on it.

They would rather spend a whole lot of time in a home breaking into a secure safe/ lockbox to steal a couple of old revolvers.

I mean, what’s a burglar even going to do with cash…?


They stole the guns to sell them for cash. Duh.

You’ve no experience in burgling and it shows.

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Can’t wait till whatever bullshit she pulled is exposed, then subsequently buried by leftist media outlets.

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If their handguns were in a handgun lockbox, why wouldn’t the robbers take the whole lock box? Nothing about this sounds like a robbery/home invasion.

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Karen Bass is such a stupid dopey bitch, and a fan of Fidel Castro to boot.