LA Dodgers Will be Wearing GAY CAPS in San Fransisco!

Yes, my dad loved baseball, and wouldn’t quit it over this.

Why do these flags have brown and black on them but the pride flag on my Subaru doesn’t? Are you sure this wasn’t a Cinco de mayo thing?

Subarus are bad ass these days. 35k for a car as nice as a 70k car interior wise. They handle well and have all wheel drive and posi traction. Sport Modes and all kinds of other stuff.
They also last forever and when crashed have incredible safety ratings. I know because I recently got wrecked into and walked away just fine not even sore after 14k in damage.

They aren’t just for lezbos anymore


I am surprised you had a dad in your life soy boy


God dammit if you recorded yourself saying that with some professional reenactment video that would be the greatest commercial of all time. Guarantee that would increase sales.

“The aren’t just for lezbos anymore”. For real that’s brilliant.

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Father SP was actually a diehard dodgers fan lmao. Still loved him anyways!

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There isn’t a single Angels fan that supports that name or even refers to them being an LA team. Why would we want to be associated with that shit stain of a city and it’s degenerate fan base?

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The team is the guys on the field, genius! Those are for their faggot fans.

Give it time, lol

Ol’ Arte’s toe is officially in the water, just waiting for the rest of the league to take the plunge with.

Nah look at the fine print. Its not a real giveaway. You have to purchase a ticket from the teams specefic “pride” link to get the hat and you have to go to a specefic spot in the stadium to find it.

Real giveaways are thrown in the face of every fan right as they enter the park.