LA Giant Racist?

Did the LA Giant have White Power tattoos? He had a "S" on the back of each arm, a SS tattoo? He had a cross on one arm that I think I recognize from my punk/hardcore days as a White Power symbol.

I think they are white power/Nazi tattoos, but I am not sure.


Looks like he is a bitch titted skinhead.

i haven't seen the fight yet, but a single s on the back of each arm wouldn't be meant as a ss tattoo. he might have gotten that meaning for it to be seen as that but he didn't earn it (not saying earning one is a good thing). a lot of posers get that shit, definately making them racists, but by no means making them a skinhead.

"who cares"

People who are new to MMA may care. It is a bad first impression to see someone fighting who has visible racist tattoos on his body. Too bad Pride couldent make him wear a rash guard.

The Slav kicked his ass.

They were not the normal S, they were the lightning bolt style. soooooo you make the call

"Who cares?"

Why does MMA attract so many non-wanted, racist assholes?

He is a "former" white supremacist. He actually uses the tats as part of his pro-wrestling gimmick. He sucks at pro-wrestling too by the way and had no business being given a shot in Pride.

Just part of the Japanese fans wanting to see freaks in the ring.

Those tits made me sick. Thank God it was a short fight and he gave the arm, because I don't think I could have stood seeing them jiggle anymore.

pics of his tats here .. ...

definitely "white nationalist" / "white supremisist" /"racist" tats ..

Yes, he has the SS Thunderbolts and a Celtic Cross. He's also a fat pig and he got smoked, so who cares? He's a bonehead, definitely not a smooth and suave Trad. :)

Thats what we all thought!

That guy has huge man-tits... Makes my stomach churn.

If he is skin head fu$k him. If not, then I would suggest he get his tattoos fixed up.

PS, He he sure got his ass kicked.

I don't know what was worse his tats or his tits.

Peter P

Holy moly does that guy suck.

LA Gyno