LA Giant vs. Rampage Jackson

I think this fight needs to happen

the Aryan Nation Neo-Nazi Skinhead White Supremist vs. the brother with the chain around his neck and platinum teeth

it would look like a fight scene from OZ....Chuck Zito could be special guest ref :)

I'd definately want Rampage to beat the shit out of the racist white power guy....and I'm sure he would

I think it would be a cool fight and it needs to happen in the next Pride

Another good opponent for LA Giant would be Bob Sapp :)

Jackson by double titty twister!

Rampage doesn't have platnum teeth

Yea, dude, Q doesn't have platinum teef... that's me..

That guy was fucking horrible.

rampage is definitely the man. but why are you guys all bashing these LA Giant, maybe he was a racist along time ago and just couldnt do anything about the tattooes. if you were in prison youd get some tattooes too if it kept 38 black guys from raping your ass, i know i did.

Sorry Jaysun....I thought Rampage was also sporting the platinum teeth at the Grand Prix Finals in his pre-fight interview. Or were they the old-school gold teeth? I thought they were platinum...oh well, my bad. I know you've got the platinum toofuses Jaysun....good luck in the UFC if the rumors of you fighting there are true.

I am the first to come up with this thread. The rest of you are lying liars. :)

I don't know if LA Giant was in prison or not. I think he could do something about those tattoos if he wanted to. You would think a guy who wasn't a racist anymore wouldn't want those tattoos on him.

Pride needs to make this fight happen. There is a serious demand for it from the American market.

It would be funny as shit to see.

Rampage doesn't have platnum teeth


Fronts foo, dey called fronts!


LOL at Samoanpowr

My bad about the teeth. I was confizzled...but I'm good now. :)


funny,but many of the ppl that posted about this guy would LOVE to see this fight!!!

lol I talked to that guy at a party in Orange County, and I figured he didn't know anything, didn't notice his tats though..

Quinton would mess him up BAD!

Rampage would absolutely maul him. I want to see it!

LA Giant by breast milk squirt to the eye, followed by the big right for the KO!

I wonder if anyone from Pride is reading this?

We want this fight damn it!! :)

breast milk? wtf?

ooooh! I get it!

LA Giant is worse then both Wes Simms and Gan McGee. He's the worst of the big, useless, giant tomatoe cans.

everyone is entitled to their own belifs as long as they do not intentionally harm anyone physically or emotionally.