LA News Chics vs Hawaii

so it's been a few months now of turning on the news in the morning and realizing that maybe this isn't some kinda fluke.  I'd like to defend our local turf, but jeebus man, it's more top shelf here.  seriously, I'll start by contributing this name, face, and body to this thread.  armenian, not bright, but a breeder imo...

Araksya Karapetyan.  my kod...

whatchu got hawaiI?

A boner...

Armenian? Good luck.

Maybe she can be my boxing coach?

Nice but you gotta take the long count into consideration.

I got to LA when Bree Walker was in her prime. I used to fantasize getting a handjob from her stumps.



And now:


One simple thing I will never understand about celebrities who get plastic surgery...

Option 1) Take your gifted super genetics and beauty, and age naturally, looking exactly like someone who is beautiful with super genetics who is now older.


Option 2) Take your gifted super genetics and beauty, and have a hack surgeon with a scalpel, permanently turn you into a alien hybrid mutant who is now old.

Well fuck gimme option 2 doc!!!

i'm i'm ... BEAUTIFUL!

I'd still get a HJ from the after. I've done worse. Phone Post 3.0

We got Guy Hagi! Phone Post 3.0

JIMMYNAKS - I'd still get a HJ from the after. I've done worse. Phone Post 3.0

SJ not HJ...

Holy shit!!! mutant!!!

Whoa, somebody beat her with an ugly branch!


The Armenian is still in the lead

karo parisyan approves of this thread

and in the newsmilf category for LA--Lauren Sanchez:

^^is this the mcgreggor hammer fist after the straight left?

...and all we have to offer is Joe Moore. He gets a segment on the radio called "have you ever noticed..." his last one was the most moronic thing i've ever heard "Have you ever noticed that most people spend money they don't have on things they don't need to impress people they don't like..."
Shut the fuck up Joe!

Joe, Joe, Joe....

Merrrrry Christmas!

We had Bob Jones

Mahus called him "armpits"

what does that mean kc?!