LA s Comeback is ON!!!!!

Ok all u haters !!!LA will beat the Supersonics and continue their quest for the NBA title!!! Shaq is back !..So lets prepare to place a great LA Laker pic up there !! holding the trophy!

LA is Back!

Yippie the Fridge is back from injury.

lakers rule

Yeah, he was stellar last night, lol.

And LOL @ quick!!!

Don't worry Slick, it'll lose another wheel in no time at all. :)

F u Floppy...LOL!


Yeah!!! and ptm2020 has also been supporting the Lakers through the ups and downs!!!..

True LA supporters unite!!!

Cheerleaders Rule!!!!

If La doesnt win the finals, it would probably be one of the biggest choke's in sports history


The lakers will not make it to the finals.

Don't worry!!! We will WIN!!!!...and u all will go on hating!


"Season aint even close to being over."

It is for LA. :)

I give the Lakers props for getting it together so fast at the begining of the season, but now the rest of the wests big teams are starting to get it together for their final push towards the playoffs. The Spurs finally look like they are hitting their stride. The Wolves and Kings are already playing tough as hell and they still haven't got some key guys out there. The Lakers are going to be at a big time disadvantage if they can't get all their Humpty Dumpties back together again REAL soon.

lol @ Humpty Dumpties!!! :)

It's funny, but true. Excluding Payton, as of right now, the HOF four are turning out to be some of the biggest broke dicks ever. And to top it off they don't even bother to go to some of the games to support THEIR team. Payton and Malone really gave up a lot to go for this ring, and anything less than a ring is going to be a failure for them. And so it's going to be really interesting to see how this turns out.

lol, true

Please Archive this Thread!!!..Cause when LA wins I want this as proof as how dumb your posts were!!!..Bitches!!!..LOL.:)

LOMFL!!!!! Oh shit!! This thread is great!!! lol