LA SUB X - Saulo vs. Jake Shields

LA SUB X - Saulo Ribeiro vs. Jake Shields

Who wins and how?

LA SUB X - SUBMISSION GRAPPLING TOURNAMENT -Friday, May 26, 2006, Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica (LA), Calif. Tickets available thru Ticketmaster. Live audiocast on Next day Internet PPV available at


Saulo by rnc.

Saulo Ribeiro/ rnc

Saulo is gonna be too strong and technical for him. Shields did beat Leo Santos in GW before, I think it was just advantages or a takedowns, but Saulo is way bigger and stronger that Santos.

Saulo not sure how, but he'll win!

Saulo by RNC!!!!!

Don't completely count out Shields... he's tough as hell. He beat Cameron Earle at ADCC.... but Saulo is going to be the man to beat, for sure.

saulo will not tap out shields.. this will be a low scoring match. however if shields takes saulo's back, dont be surprised if you see a tapout.

Saulo has too much experience for Shields.

this will be shields' biggest test of his grappling career, and definitely, saulo has a huge edge in experience.

however, i feel very very confident, that saulo will not tap him, and would not be surprised if shields pulled off a narrow victory.

they really are an interesting contrast in styles with saulo having the gi record + years of experience vs shields' phenomenal athleticism, wrestling background and underrated bjj technique.

Shields is definitely incredible, and against anyone else (almost) I would give him the advantage. But Saulo is, in my opinion, on a totally different level from just about anyone (here or in Brazil). Should be a great fight.

that saulo might have been completely retired. glad to see him still on
the circuit. he looked to be in great condition at the pan ams. so, he
still trains very had.

Saulo still trains. . .actually, even harder than ever right now & is in phenominal shape. To clear the record for anyone mislead about him retiring...Saulo retired from the Mundials(worlds). He will be competing for years to come & will be competing in Vale Tudo Very Very Soon!

Jake shields is good but stands no chance against Saulo.

yeah Saulo is done with 'amateur' touneys but will still roll as a 'pro'

saulo by points

For the record. Shields tapped out Santos at Abu Dhabi via RNC.

its my understanding that this will be at 180 lbs

my guess is that this match will be scored th closest.


After watching him go to war with the young bucks at last years Grapplers Quest 16 man tournament, I am more impressed than ever with his abilities!

"yeah Saulo is done with 'amateur' touneys but will still roll as a 'pro' "

No benjamins at the mundials and no fun getting dismantled either.

I think Saulo should win this one, probably by points tho.

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