Labor Laws...?

i was just wondering if there is a statute that limits the amount of hours a company can make you work in one day. and, if the is any others regarding time alloted between shifts. i have worked 16-17 and as many as 19 1/2 hours in a day (4am-11:30pm) and had to back to work at 5 am the next day. any help with references would be GREATLY helpfull. thanks

joel "thebabysilverback" blanton

It depends on your state and your profession. I assume you are questioning the actual work schedule, not the payment of overtime. There's no Federal law barring a work schedule such as you describe, however, there are mandated overtime rules (assuming you are an hourly, not salaried employee).

Depending on your profession, there may be OSHA or other rules which limit the length of your shift.

You also haven't mentioned if you are given breaks during your shift. This could affect the answer.

Where do you live and what do you do?

thanks steve. i work at tyson fresh meats in Logansport In. i work in maintenance, and i am on what they call the "projects" crew. we fabricate conveyors, chutes, things of that nature. sometimes we get into jobs that run into working long hours as i stated above. we get regular breaks and such. i am an hourly employee. i am regularly scheduled 8 hours on mon, thurs, fri, and 10 hours on sat and sun. it is the weekend that we run into the long hours. we are a pretty tight knit bunch of guys so we stick together and help the boss out as much as we can. he looks out for us pretty tough. days off when we need it and things like that. that and we don't usually leave each other hanging either. anything else you need to know i will get with you and your help i appriciated more than you know my friend.



I took a quick look at Indiana's employment laws. The relevant section seems to be here:

The way I read it, the employer can do this, so long as you are paid overtime of not less than 1.5 times your regular rate. Of course, if this arrangement violates a union CBA or employment agreement, there are other issues.

Hope this helps, sorry it doesn't look like a good answer. Feel free to ask follow ups if there's anything else I can help with.

thanks again! i will look into it further.