Lack of Impulse Control

A classic example.

This kid is lucky that gal didn’t have a CCW and an itchy trigger finger.
If it went down as they say…again is she a bitch…was she acting like a bitch? Does it matter that gal didn’t lay a hand on her. Ohhhh but she said some hateful things…give me a fucking break. If things keep going like this everyone will be armed and we’ll go back to the days of the wild west and mob rules lynching’s. I’m down but is that really where the left really wants it to go?

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Here’s another recent one…what the fuck kinda animal does this kinda shit?
If that was my loved one I’d hunt his fat ass down.

That’s a joke. Amazon drivers don’t work for Amazon. They outsource all their deliveries to private companies who will hire any warm body.


This is the America Biden and his voters wanted. Thanks to those commies, I’m always armed.


BS. Warm body AND a driver’s license.

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Not true anymore. They do still outsource some, but most deliveries are done with their Prime delivery service, at least in my area.

You think it’s bad now?. It’s going to come around though full circle. White Leftist moms getting attacked etc.


Amen brother, stay safe.

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These are the people that will show back up at the warehouse and get some reperations when they realize that megacorp doesn’t actually care about them or the revolution.