Lacrosse players are the biggest jocks. Change my mind

Lacrosse players are like if football players were all closet homosexuals but also fucked the hot chicks in your school just so you would never have a chance.


They are pussy rich kids who would never sniff a starting lineup if lacrosse was marketed more broadly and paid well professionally.


WTF is lacrosse? Lol. Are you smoking? Bro

Well said. I played Lacrosse in junior high and it was the richest white fucks in the entire upper class town.

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George Carlin said Lacrosse isn’t a sport, Lacrosse is a faggot college activity. He’s right. And Im a former collegiate lacrosse player.


Lmao 100%

I wouldn’t neccessarily call them jocks. Rich white douche bags, yes, but jocks not so much. Football players, especially offensive and defensive linemen, will always be the biggest jocks.

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Pretty much this outside of the top 10 or 20 teams in the country. I played lacrosse because I went to a really competitive HS in Texas. The 2 kids in front of me my freshman year both played college ball. I just rode pine once I got to HS so I quit and played lacrosse.

But, we did have some guys that played football play lacrosse. They were incredible athletes and could have been good at any sport.

It’s a fun sport.

I used to play box lacrosse.

I hit a guy so hard one time I knocked his cup right out of his jock strap lol.

Never forget Jim Brown! LAX4EVER!

Lacrosse is a ridiculous pseudo-sport used as an excuse to give unathletic white middleclass nerds a university scholarship.

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Best player ever but played with an illegal stick by today’s standards.

Hardest I’ve ever been hit was in lacrosse. Buddy pass in front of the crease.

I think back when he played it was legal to just hold the open end of the head against your chest with the ball in it and run people over lol.

A lax guy banged your girl, didn’t he?

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fucking wrestlers eat there lunch and push there shit in whenever they want

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Yeah that’s faggot Feild lacrosse

Box lacrosse is a ridiculous psuedo sport used as an excuse to give violent rapey types, too crazy for hockey teams, an opportunity to fist fight Natives, without the burden of skates.

All of my favorite " he shoulda went to jail for that" moments, came from watching Box lacrosse.


I played for the Archers of Love Cross

Rugby IMO

Looks like I can’t call some of you faggots anymore because that would just be offensive.