Ladies! Ladies! Ladies!

Ladies in Texas (or visiting anytime), mainly around the Austin area:

check this out!


It's not nice to tease like that.

lol...what about the womens?
I have to attract people to get my message out.

Thanks! Tell everyone you know.



Starting in September, There will now be Exclusive women only Relson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu classes. The classes will be taught by myself, Christy Thomas, with supervision from Philip Cardella as well as supervision & ranking by Relson Graice. The 2 classes that are open already are Monday night 8:00 - 9:30 p.m. in the main dojo @ AMAA. As well as Friday night 6:00 - 7:30 p.m. This will be Open Mat in the big yoga room to enjoy trying things out, asking questions, & meeting other students from the many other offered martial arts programs @ AMAA.

I have 2 additional Mon/Wed morning slots that I am waiting to hear on.

Sign-ups & Question can be best directed to:

Cost will be $75.00 per month with possibilities of different rates if other classes are taken @ AMAA / Phil Cardella.

Please be aware that this class will be only for women and young girls. It will give them an opportunity to gain confidence and get comfortable with the sport as well as the other people @ the academy.

Let all the women in your life know about this great chance to change their lives. Also, If you're already a student or plan on signing up, make sure to tell anyone that you have sign-up, mention your name!! You will be rewarded!!

Please also feel free to obatin my credentials to teach the class by emailing me @

Thanks!! See you soon!!
Christy Thomas

FYI...this is in Austin Texas.

I know that its in Austin, but even still. I hope you are successful, I think BJJ is probably the most realistic form of empty handed self-defence for women available. It's also an awesome sport. Good luck and ttt!

Thank You!

I meant FYI to everyone since the link was exposed above and the rest of my other posts said where it is. Some people get confused.

I appreciate the support!!

Awesome! good luck with the classes christy, let me know if i can help in anyway...
If any one interested, stop by her classes, they will definintly be worth it!!



TTT for Christy

Good luck to you. I started the Caique Chicks over a year ago now, and it continues to grow! We need more women out there!!

Great job...and let me know if you ever need anything. I would love to come train! I posted to you on as well.

Keep training hard!

Jessica :)

Thanks so much for the support!! The women's scene has grown so fast due to the work that you and certain others are putting out.

I just got the ball rolling so it will be very interesting seeing this grow. I want to make some mean competitors.

You are always welcome down here. Phil and Angelo can train as well.


How does one attract women to seek out BJJ classes? Does it help to be really good looking, like myself?

Hmm, not sure. I put out flyers.



Wow, i'm really jealous of the women who have the opperotunity to participate in this class. To bad I don't live closer to Texas......


Classes start as scheduled tonight. We will open eventhough it's a holiday. Come if you can and we'll be training when you get there!