Lady Gaga-Devil Worshiper??




and the most important picture of all!!!!!!!!

 Probably not a devil worshiper.  Definite butter face, though.

Complete fuckin psycho....but not devil worshipper

"Devil Worshipper" is too simplistic a term to describe the symbolism she uses in her videos, wardrobe, and photo shoots. It's overt, but then again some of the same symbolism has been used for years to advertise a variety of products.

I checked out that Vigilant Citizen site, and their breakdown of everything Lady Gaga makes for an entertaining read.

 of course she is, they all are

 the devil inside

crazy bitch either way...

read the hollywood pedophile thread for more info on this.

Of course it's overt. It's mysterious, dangerous and controversial - and that's her schtick.

If using satanic/pagan imagery in her costumes sells more records, she'll do it. It's the nature of pop music. Rock musicians have been accused of being satanic since the 1950s. Nothing new here.

Real satanic music comes from the viking death metal bands, who are inherently anti-christian.

Industry Exposed dot com

There's a lot more of this going on in the world than you think.

Monarch programming!

TotallyMyHat - Industry Exposed dot com

There's a lot more of this going on in the world than you think.

exactly. these people just don't get it!

they think it's just entertainment.

I don't know if she's really into their religion, or whether her handlers just dress her this way so that the symbolism and the message reaches the kids. I think the illuminati find a talented youth, and they groom them to be stars, then they use the mass media to make them huge. The perfomer is really just that, a performing monkey, and does what they've been taught to do. I think that in time, the big ones, like Madonna, prove their smarts and get brought in deeper. It's probably like a degree thing, as they advance, they learn more about the beliefs. Some of them would never make it past the first degree though, they just flash their baphomet signs, and do the one eye thing with the hand, and they wouldn't have a clue what it means.

I do think that Gaga will most likely rise higher, in fact she probably already has. She's one of their Priestesses to the masses, so she's probably been brought in closer to the inner circle by now.