LaFrance @KumoJiuJitsu

Does anyone know Darryl LeFrance? Apparently he is the highest ranked grappling instructor in Canada.

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He's not the highest ranked in BJJ, that is a fact. Very nice guy, but his rank is not in BJJ.

"Apparently he is the highest ranked grappling instructor in Canada"

lol, how exactly is that determined?

Derrel is indeed a nice guy, and a good grappler.
I've also heard that he's a good coach and ref.

My guess is he's the highest ranked Kumo JJ
instructor; and/or the highest ranked instructor in
another form of JJ.

He's ranked by the Sokeship Council under the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame. He's not part of the BJJ family. Kumojiujitsu is his own creation and might bear some resemblance to BJJ. I would say for the most part that his club is geared towards people who just want to learn the art but can also accomodate people who want to compete too. I haven't been there very long but I think it's the right place for me. If you're one of those people who prefers a super intense and competitive environment to train in then you might find the atmosphere there to be too civilized (for lack of a better word). Hope that helps.

I remember his tournament in Pickering...pretty good event.

I have known Darrel for a long time. He is a good grappler, and a great instructor. He's great with kids and can show you a lot more than just grappling.

His techniques are similar to bjj, but there is still a noticeable difference in the way he and his students grapple.

I would drop by his club if you get a chance, but try to call befor hand to find out when he will be in as he is a police officer who works some nights. 905 420 6449

any other questions just ask

Lafrance is a cool guy indeed.

Captain caveman, I bet I know you. What is your first name? I'm matt (skinny green belt who shows up every so often)


Check out his and other clubs, and talk to the people at each before making any decisions.


Hey Matt. I'm really bad with names when I'm training so I probably know you by sight. Anyway, my name is Bruce and I'm that white belt who really sucks and is always trying to catch his breath. You see, it's hard to remember names when you're constantly struggling for breath. I've had some distractions with my career lately that have kept me away for about a month. I returned for a week and then caught some kind of odd virus which has kept me away for the last week and a half. The good news is that I've finally conquered it and feel I can return tomorrow. I probably could have returned since earlier this week but I was just playing on the side of caution as I think it would be really inconsiderate to bring some illness to the mat and risk passing it on to people. That all said, if you only come occasionally, I'm not sure if you know me as my attendance hasn't been the greatest of late.

Hey man, I'm probably equally as bad with names and attendence, but I'm sure we will see each other ther soon, If I show up it will be a monday or wednesday