Lagace is the man now

With Cujo's sprained ankle, Manny is now the top dog for a while.

And he gets to play Colorado in his first start on Saturday.


legace is going down

on your sister.




You homos wish you had Manny as your starter, much less your backup


Him going down on my sister is like an insult to him,

Oh and 5-2

What happened? Oh thats right Manny got out played by abeshier

that is all

I gotta say Aebby's stop on Hull has to be one of the saves of the year.That was unreal.

Wings are done. If they can't stick up for StevieY, the most inspiring captain in all of sports, they can't stand up for themselves either. Stick a fork in them.

Aebischer is unfortunately playing a lot better than he had as Roy's backup. :( He looks a lot like Roy in there too.

He needs to hit a couple more players with his glove and start atleast 2 fights, then he will be like Roy