Laimon Re-mix mudial tapes

Has anyone seen these tapes? If so, how are they?

Very good details. Great tape set.

dude marc laimon tapes are the shit buy all the madafukers!!!!..get the pro-am remix vol 1 and vol 2

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Marc Laimon's tapes are the best way to watch gi fights.

I even like them.

His remix tapes are the shiznit. Best way to learn IMO. Nothing like seeing a tech in real time used by a real athlete.


they're the shizzle. I learned alot from them. Particularly the movements that really aren't taught.
I learned more from them than any instructional honestly.

IMHO, any serious tape collection should have Laimon's remix tapes.

Great tapes - perhaps the most valuable instructional material I've ever purchased. I learned a lot about half guard sweeps just by watching the footage of Shaolin and Robinho on these tapes (Nova Uniao!). You can a lot about jiu-jitsu fundamentals and how pro fighter flow by watching them.

Every post on this thread is 100% correct. I LOVE the remix DVDs.

TTT for Marc when are the new ones coming?