Laimon Vs Gracie

Any news yet I live in the Uk so im not shore of the time Diff.

I dont think it starts for another 6 hours or so...

Cheers Dude i will have to wait. Who is your money on???

man, Ive trained with both and they are both incredible.Im going to have to give the edge to Laimon though because Ive known him longer and I know what he is capable of.

Just wondering if Ryron has ever said anything negative about Marc
Laimon? I just hope this isn't a battle about Rorion (spelling) and Marc,
with Ryron getting suck in the middle.

I've never heard Ryron say a negative thing about anyone.

Did Marc ever say anything bad about Ryron himself? I think he badmouthed the Gracie academy and how Rorion ran the school. He was also pissed about the clothing factor, but i don't think he ever said anything about Ryron himself.

This is going to be a good match, both guys are good!


the spoilers are already posted.