Lake Tahoe Hotel Deals?

Post em' if ya got em'

I'm attempting to go the first weekend of March

Here is a genuine fine ass bitch for your troubles:

How is the Montbleu?

Just got back in November. I stayed at Harvey's, which was alright since it was also connected to Harrah's. Mount Bleu is more of a younger crowd. Are you going to ski? Phone Post 3.0

Yeah I plan on doing some snow sports. Mostly need food and a hot tub to fuck the gf in. Also looking into private condos...some good deals out there on craigslist.

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What's to do around there for memorial day?

whitejoe - How is the Montbleu?

I stayed at Montbleu in febuary as the rooms were decent. Their rooms were just a bit cheaper than Harvey's. I think Harrahs, Harvey's and Montbleu's rooms are all comparable. Everything is close enough it really doesnt matter which one you choose. For the money, Harvey's or Montbleu is best. For whatever reason, sometimes they'll charge more at Harrah's.