any where you guys can tell me to train for Muay Thai and BJJ???

any mma schools??


High Performance Martial Arts. US 98N in Lakeland. Come on down we'd love to have you. 858-6777

Thanks man, I just moved down here from Orlando and I am in the process of finding a job, once I got that worked out I will come by and see you guys, how much are your dues there?


TTT for TT.

Texas thai,
just come and train, we will worry about the dues later, get a job first.

I am on the north side past the Mall, right next door to lifestyles fitness.

Call me,

thanks alot Ross I know where you guys are located, I just got a job today and I should be in the next few weeks, what are yalls hours?


Ross and his students are first class. Anyone will grow as a martial artist and person being involved with High Performance Martial Arts. I have been there a few times and was always treated like family. In addition, the students and teachers are knowledgable and competitive. Do yourself a favor and take Ross up on is offer.

Momentum, thanks for the nice words.

Texas Thai,
, m-w-f 6-7BJJ

Tue thurs 515-615 BJJ
Tues thurs 7-9 MMA

See ya soon,

No problem Ross. I will drop by when I am in town.

Gordon Hester

Hey Ross, Marcio said you are bringing a contingent to the states. The guys ought to have a lot of fun this time around. Hope to see you there. Mike

You know you are family... i would love to have you drop by at any time!

I am gonna bring some adults and kids. Just coming to support you guys. If you need any extra help refering or anything let me know!

see ya soon.

hey Ross do you guys do any thai boxing I am assuming yes since you have an MMA class, if so who is the trainer for Muay Thai? Just curious I already know I want to come train with you guys but right now I am pulling almost 60 hours a week but thats changing tomorrow.

Also can you tell me anything about the Florida Muay Thai Association? Apparently there is a school down here in Lakeland with that name, I cant remember the guys name who runs it, but I figured you being who you are you would know better than anybody about the Martial Arts training here in Lakeland.

thanks for any info you can give me and I look forward to meeting you and training with you guys.


We train american kickboxing muay thai style, with an emphasis on mma. David Hurley's training partners were Houston Dorr a kickboxing champ and John Dixon a guy with a billion fights and titles in kickboxing.
I teach that style. One of my students Rene kronvold was a European Champ his last 4 fights were by KO in less than a minute.we use that style of kickboxing leg contact and elbows but more geared toward mma.

The other guy FMTA i really don't know if he is around anymore or not.

Thanks Ross

damn Ross! sounds like you guys are the best of the best!! I cant wait to get in there....

I know about John Dixon, I never trained with him but I have met him and seen some of his fights......

thanks for the info I really appreciate it, I am suppose to get my new work schedule today so I will know what hours I am working.

One more question for you if I could keep bothering you, do you all have any females that train with you? The only reason I ask is because I just moved down here with my girlfriend and the last thing I want is to be working all day then go and train all night, I was curious if she could come with me, if there would be any girls for her to associate with? Probably a stupid question.

thanks again for everything and I really really can not wait to get in there and meet you.

oh and so you know a little about me, I only have about 6 months BJJ under me, I trained with William Bittencourt before his accident last year and I trained Muay Thai with Mike Bell since 2001, but its been over a year now since I have been in the gym with him but I did continue my training as much as possible at home, I never fought although Mike wanted me too.

So thats it, thanks for taking the time out to talk with me.


hey, TT,
Thanks for the props...
William B. is a good dude. I have trained with him on occassion as well as most of the De La Riva guys, including De La Riva and Boca. Danny Ruiz a Brown Belt from De La riva trains with me when he is in town. I never trained with Mike Bell but every one says he is awesome.
Hope to see ya soon.

PS yes I have girls in the mma class and bjj classes.

Hey Ross, It will be good to see you guys. Take care and see you saturday.


sounds good bro can't wait!


Ross I am going to try and make it in there on Monday, I will probably get there around 5:30 pm to talk before class starts....

thanks again


Ross do you all teach gi or no gi?



On M-W-F at 600 it is gi class.