Lakers - another dynasty began tonight

You can't deny it.

Just accept it.

They can keep this #2 pick or use it in a trade package along with their extra cash to bring 2 maybe even 3 franchise players.

Another dynasty begins.

Quit hatin.

Yall jelly.

Oh and lol at the knicks. 

It was always bound to happen. Also, in before the Byron Scott wink gif Phone Post 3.0

Stoked Phone Post 3.0

OP has no idea what a franchise player is. Phone Post 3.0

I like how the order played out for everyone. okafor could still fall to the knicks depending on what the lakers do. I don't see the lakers taking him just because their defense would be bad with he and randle on the inside

Early reports are that Minny may be higher on Okafor/KAT may try to Elway his way to LA Phone Post 3.0

Yes Phone Post 3.0

would lakers go with one of the pgs? I know that Clarkson made the all-rookie team but being on the east coast I have never seen him play if one of the available is a more natural pg

^I hope not. They don't need it. 

Trade it for Boogie Cousins Phone Post 3.0

Only time will tell.

Lakers should go after one of the two big men coming out.

I'm just happy we kept the pick.

Dude i hope so, we need some one to take over when kobe retires Phone Post 3.0

So stoked. Okafor/Towns and 2 max contracts. Phone Post 3.0

StrikingMMA - Lakers should go after one of the two big men coming out.
Permiter players will be the best players from this draft. Phone Post 3.0

Okafor or Towns please! If Randle can come back after his injury we have some good prospects. Clarkson and a Randle-Towns/Okafor combo down low should be good for the future. Phone Post 3.0

Kobe will get injured again and they will be fucked again.