LAKERS: Best Record in the NBA...

2008-09 Power Rankings: Week 10
1 (1) Lakers 27-5 Throw out a winter trip to Florida that went awry and the Lakers are 10-0 since the Dec. 9 debacle in Sacramento. And so they've reclaimed the league's best record along with the top spot where it matters. (Yes, here.)
2 (3) Cavaliers 27-6 It happened to the Lakers in Sacramento. It happened to the Celtics in Oakland. And now everyone in this season's runaway top three has been beaten by a bottom-feeder after the Cavs' stumble in the nation's capital.
3 (2) Celtics 29-6 Rajon Rondo says the Celtics are absolutely, positively "not in a slump." And he's right. After a 27-2 start, I'd say losing four out of six for the first time ever in the KG-Pierce-Allen era ranks as more than a slump.
4 (4) Magic 26-8 The Magic are on pace to exceed last season's 27 wins on the road by two and are a sparkling 14-4 against the West. They've still got some work to do in the East, though, at a mere 2-3 against the rest of the top eight.
5 (5) Spurs 22-11 Aren't they supposed to be the boring, boring Spurs? To go with those three W's in double OT, Saturday's win over Philly was their second in eight days -- first Mason, then Parker -- on a walk-off bucket at the buzzer.
6 (6) Nuggets 23-12 Roy is hobbling, Boozer is out long-term and the Nuggets' schedule is filled with home games for the next month. Add it all up and they would appear to be looking at a golden lead-padding opportunity in the Northwest.
7 (9) Hawks 22-11 The 50-win talk has officially begun in Atlanta ... and so what if it was the coach who started it? Since a 0-3 swing through Texas, Woody's Hawks are 10-2, losing only to Boston and a buzzer-beater by Vince Carter.
8 (7) Hornets 20-10 The Hornets have had two cracks at the Lakers at home ... and failed to reach 90 points either time. Chris Paul and Co. get a chance Tuesday at Staples Center to avenge those two setbacks. Or at least score 90 points.
9 (11) Suns 19-12 He'll surely be there anyway, throwing the biggest parties in Phoenix, but shouldn't we start talking about Shaq for the West All-Stars? He averaged 21 and 10 in December and the Suns were 1-2 when he didn't play.
10 (16) Pistons 21-11 The surging Pistons are suddenly 1-0 on Sundays since the local American football team's season ended. Maybe all of their previous Sunday troubles (0-6) had something to do with the Lions playing on the same day.

 I was just about to make this post.

Excellent work Krondog


ever since thier xmas lost to THE LAKERS...the celts just aren't the same. i hope the get STARbury to send them into more turmoil. muahahahahah


 after they pick up Starbury, they should fire Doc Rivers and hire Isaiah Thomas to be GM & Coach

Actually in the league standings LA is half a game behind Celtics.

PTM2020 -  after they pick up Starbury, they should fire Doc Rivers and hire Isaiah Thomas to be GM & Coach


quick - Actually in the league standings LA is half a game behind Celtics.

 we're going by winning percentage and power rankings kk?

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Boston 29 6 .829 - 18-1 11-5 21-2 6-1 100.9 90.8 +10.0 Lost 1 6-4
LA Lakers 27 5 .844 ½ 18-1 9-4 19-1 7-1 107.2 97.3 +9.9 Won 6 8-2
Cleveland 27 6 .818 1 17-0 10-6 18-5 7-1 101.2 89.4 +11.8 Lost 1 7-3

Kr0ndogg - we're going by winning percentage and power rankings kk?

Have LA fans become so sad that they have to celebrate the power rankings now? When did you all become a bunch of CapnKindBuds?

 ok how about this. we're up on the season series 1-0. /shrug


Im with quick, since when does anyone give a shit about being at the top of the Power Rankings?

I guess I have about 50 some odd back posts to make from 04-07 then...

27-6 after that loss to the badass Hornets.

 that was a gruesome game. hey at least we didn't lose to the bobcats. ; )