Lakers got their shit pushed in

The score doesn’t tell the full story of this ass kicking. The Lakers bet it all on an injury prone AD and a superstar with very high mileage.

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Where they at now in terms of FA and salary cap?

They will retool like usual. Steal some other superstar or two

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Is James leaving? If he leaves I’ll pay attention again.

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I hate LeBron and LA as much as the next good human but didn’t they win it all last year? You say they bet it all on a high mileage superstar and in injury prone AD but it seems to me the bet paid off.

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When’s the last time a LeBron team was bounced in first round? This is the first round of playoffs right? I literally haven’t watched a minute or basketball this year. League full of cry baby social media bitches.

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Theres no way to argue that Lebum isnt a gifted athlete, but as an overall package he isnt fit to wipe the asses of the true GOATs. I think he has a legit learning disability so maybe its not all his fault.

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If you buy a used BMW you will be balling, until it breaks down, then you are stuck with a high priced liability

There’s another thread all about LeBron being a baby and not the goat. That thread actually inspired me to watch some NBA for the first time in a while, just to see him lose, and it really paid off. Announcers kept soft calling him out for not being aggressive, and they were right. Its like he can turn it on almost at will, but he just doesnt feel like it. Meanwhile the Suns played like a team with something to prove, presumably because they do.


I have defended Lebron for years, that his personal life and nba play were separate issues. I am beginning to walk back on my claims that he is the goat apparent. He has the talent and the body, but the brain and the mental toughness is lacking. He isn’t in the rare air of Jordan, Russell, Kareem


Kobe, Mike, Larry, the older goats, none of them passed with 20 seconds to go down 1.

Lebron has done it time and time again his whole career.

Being unlikeable doesn’t help him, but basketball alone he is barely a Top 5 player, some would put him outside.

Top 10 for sure, but we are talking some of the most competitive beasts to ever play and Kobe and Mike would skull fuck your dead body for a ring then go out to dinner.

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Tearing Lebron James GIF

As much as I dislike the rapist, Kobe is a level above Lebron because of his mental toughness. I think Lebron is a little more talented overall but the mental toughness cannot be ignored.

Kobe isn’t at the top of the pyramid though, I think he is 1 step below Jordan and a few others.