Lakers @ Kings tonight!!!

Kobe's gonna get popped in the pooper!!

I think you are wrong, especially if your last sentence is correct.

I predict a KOBE quadruple double:
30 points 7-27 (2-5 3's), 14-17 FT, 10 TO's, 10 Assts, 11 boards


sovann is correct although he forgot 12 blocked shots and on top of that, he will give webber an atomic wedgie right before the fourth quarter

haha, this forum ownz.

"Man!  Nine more days till Shaq cracks my skull."


Fuck, 55-49 Lakers at halftime, but at least Bibby hit that nice three with one second left to make it that close. GET IT TOGETHER FELLAS!!

This game is sucking, Peja is sucking, the Kings are sucking, Webber's defense is sucking, fuck, I might have to go back to the store this evening. COME ON PEJA!!!!! GET YOUR FUCKING HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS!!!!!!!!

Kings are getting their shit pushed in.

They should call the game, this shit's over, but props to Songaila for being one of the few people who have the smarts to foul Kobe hard enough to where he doesn't get the and one opportunity.

What happened Floppy!!!!!!!!...did u just get you're ass spanked tonight!!!LOLOL..

Keep your hopes up Floppy..i want to see them shattered at the end of the season!!!

Me and you bitch, I'll own you like Vanessa owns Kobe. :)

I'll drive down to SB tomorow biach!!!! from the GB to SB i"ll own u like crap owns TP!!!

My attempt at rapping sucks!!

Fuck you, and fuck the Lakers, and fuck you again!! lucky assfaces!!

F u ..You cry

Queens can't play defense.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA who's yer daddy???

That was a wonderful game, I still feel all warm and fuzzy inside