Lakers lose to the Hawks

Yes, I did say they just lost to the Hawks. Go figure.

Best fucking news I've heard all day!!! lol *thaws out crow in case I jinxed my Kings* ;)

Kobe Bryant DNP? What the fuck is the problem now?

"Kobe Bryant DNP? What the fuck is the problem now?"


lol, a little thing called rape.

Wow, I just saw the highlights, crazy finish. Coulda been some fouling going on in there.

lol @ the lakers needing Kobe to beat the Hawks.

I guess they need someone to shut down Bobby Sura.

What an embarrasing loss. Shameful they need an entire Iron Curtain to beat even the gutter teams. Hit your damn free-throws!

I didn't see the game, but I bet the Lakers thought they could just turn it on in the fourth quarter, and couldn't.

The Glove needs to chill and stay within the triangle.