Lakers @ Rockets on ESPN 2nite


Shaq vs Yao

 Payton vs Francis

    Lakers great offense vs Rockets' great defense

      Phil Jackson vs Jeff Van Gundy 

Should be starting any time now.

Can I write check?


Yao looked great. Walton and co. were saying that he'd never be a big-time scorer, but that he'd be good for 18-20 a game. I disagree, I think Yao could average 20-25 a game, or more, with the right team, and with his passing and improved rebounding and blocking, he could be an MVP someday.

Yao has a killer sky hook! This guy will rule all centers in a couple of years!


lol @ shaq's fouls on yao. one was a huge sumo slap right on top of yao's head - props to yao for not getting pissed over that. the other he takes yao down from behind. lol @ shaq

LOL!! Slick, a funny thing about that quote is that he actually followed up the "Ever, ever, ever" with "Never, ever, never". lol @ Shaq

That foul on Yao's head was unintentional but Yao doesn't seem to be the type to get too pissed off at much. The best thing about this game was Yao was going at shaq and trying to mucsle with him, not just score with finess. There was one play where Shaq blocked his shot right in his face and Yao kept with it, it got kicked around and back to him in the middle for the dunk.

Yao is a strong dude, not as strong as Shaq but his thick legs give him a lot of leverage. Its still just so crazy that this guy is averaging under 15 shots a game, this fucker should be getting 25 shots, he is that good

"There was one play where Shaq blocked his shot right in his face and Yao kept with it, it got kicked around and back to him in the middle for the dunk."

That's fuckin awesome, I wish I saw it. And I agree with you about Yao's leg strength and that he should be getting more shots, however, that fucker Mobley had a good shooting night and a gang of assists. Mabye I've been too hard on him as of late, but I still think him or Francis need to go. And I've noticed Jim Jackson taking a lot more shots now too.

ttt for Yao.

he is actually pretty strong, at least in the lower body. I don't think I've ever seen thicker legs than his on a guy with the type of frame he has.

and souljacker is very correct that Yao should get like 25 shots per game.

and why is he still playing only 32-33 mins per game? you would think he could go 38 without being all that much more exhausted... is his conditioning that bad?

"is his conditioning that bad?"

He was breathing heavy quite a bit in the game ... then again he was on Shaq a lot. I think he could use more cardio.

You think his performance had anything to do with the fact that he was voted in as a starter for the All-star team?

Obviously, he couldn't just let Shaq walk all over him.

Yao IS stronger than I thought. I was suprised he was able to get position on Shaq as often as he did, and in a couple cases he actually backed Shaq down a couple of steps.

Also, Shaq never has to play defense against anybody, so you forget he can - but I thought he did a really good job against Yao most of the time. He moves his feet really well. I think he was trying to make a point too, since Yao got voted in as a starter over him.

I think Yao was tired because he had to guard Shaq AND play against him on offense - that's gotta be a huge workload, just because Shaq is so strong.

But never has to guard anyone EVER. That gives him more energy.

Yao is going to be the next dominate big man. He is only 23 years old. Yao is the only player on the Rockets that is untouchable. Carroll Dawson will make a team around him.