Lakers Trade: Kuz, Trez, #22 Pick to Spurs for Derozan? HELL NAW!

I’d trade Trez, but shop Kuz to see if I can gett better than an old, mid range, 20% 3-point shooter.

And the first rd pick is OFF the table for him.

They need to do whatever they can before lebron is too old.

They ship all that talent, Derozen turns out to be far past his prime, and like other young Lakers set free, Kuzma becomes a borderline All-Star.

No doubt.

They try and use that Derozan was “4X All-Star!”.

In the EAST muthafucka!.

Bj Armstrong, Jamal Maglore and D’lo Russel were all stars in the EAST!!!

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