Lakers vs. Nuggets Thread



No surprises here. Denver's big 2 score 30 apiece and they still can't pull it off. I hope the Laker's pick up their D.

Kobe, be careful buddy. You only get 5 T's in the playoffs.

You are playing the soft as tissue paper nuggets for christ sakes, you shouldve beaten them by about 25 so Id calm down if I were you.

LOL!! Says the guy whose team SHOULD have won and let it get away from them!!


Suns are playing the reigning CHAMPIONS.

Lakers have the easiest draw in the West this playoffs.

Calm down, no one here thinks that Denver has even a remote chance of beating the Lakers.

Lakers fans = spastics.

It's funny that the only thing you can say about Lakers' fans is that they're bandwagoners. What does that make Suns' fans? Gluttons for punishment and disappointment year after fucking year? Yeah, you guys must LOVE getting your shit pushed in. That's the only thing I can think of. Faggots.

So it's not cool to be excited for my team when they win a playoff game? FUCK OFF!

A hell of a lot more hard fouls are coming LA way before it is all over. That was just game one.


 " What does that make Suns' fans? Gluttons for punishment and disappointment year after fucking year? Yeah, you guys must LOVE getting your shit pushed in. That's the only thing I can think of. Faggots. "

The DEFINITION of a true fan is sticking with your team, through success (even if that means never having reached the promised land) and failure. 

It's super fuckin easy to latch onto a storied team with titles, marquee players, and all the things that go along with it. 

I've never been a true fan of a dynasty team.  I root for the Suns first and foremost, the ASU Sun Devil Football/Bball teams, the TCU Horned Frogs football team, and the San Diego Chargers (Mainly because LT started as a horned frog).  

You know what, maybe I am a glutton for punishment.  But when the Suns raise their first banner and I am there to see it, it will make it that much sweeter knowing I was with them for so long without success.  Which is something a lackey jockrider like yourself will never understand. 

Uhm, I never "admitted" I was a bandwagoner. Maybe you should do something about that nasty problem with reading comprehension...then again, I'm not really surprised that a Suns fan would be uneducated.

Honestly, I don't give a fuck about any of you calling me a "bandwagoner" or what not. I was born and raised in Southern California. I call Los Angeles my home. The Lakers are my home team. So fuck you if that makes me a "bandwagoner". Don't try to use the whole "Yeah, I'm a more dedicated fan because my team is shitty." Yeah, ok, good for you for sticking around with your chosen franchise through all the bad times (and I mean ALL the bad times, because that's all you got, really). But don't try to turn around and criticize me just because I happen to support one of the most successful franchises in NBA history. What would you have me do? Cheer for the Lakers to LOSE? Become a Timberwolves fan because they suck?

Fuck off for trying to seem all high and mighty because your team can't seem to win a championship. If anything, you should be fucking embarrassed for your franchise for being such a god damn failure. Every team plays in the NBA. It's not like there's one team gets all the good players. You manage your team right, you bring in the right talent, you create good chemistry, and you bring in a good coach with a good system. That's how you get success.

Get rid of that chip on your shoulder, it's unbecoming. Yeah man, you're a real anti-establishment rebel. You don't support successful franchises. You only support losers. Yeah, stick it to the man.

Chargers. And I don't really follow baseball, but I guess it would be the Angels since that stadium is 20 minutes from my childhood home.

Go choke on Tim Duncan's stuntcock you flaming homosex.

: )

Dallas Mavericks Fan is a true fan sticking by the Mavs and especially _irk after his myriad of heartbreaking playoff chokes.


damn KOBE just Raped the Nuggets for 48 pts.

LOL @ Turdleg.

Being down 0-2 to the Spurs isn't tasting so good right about now, I imagine.

"Lakers have the easiest draw in the West this playoffs."

They earned it by winning the #1 seed. San Antonio or New Orleans could have had that draw too, but weren't able to win enough games.

The Laker "fans" are just coming out in force.