Lakers will go farther than Spurs?

With LA about to polish off Phoenix, and with Sacramento finally coming together at the perfect time...anyone else find it amusing that the possibility now exists that the Lakers will advance into the next round, while San Antonio might be sent packing?

Gotta love the wild, wild West.

considering how different the two opponents are, it would be no surprise.

No surpise = not amusing or insightful

Looks like it's on for round 2 - what a perfect way for this bet to go.

The refs are taking the Lakers to the NBA finals once again.

"Lakers will ONLY get to the WCF's (if they do) by a shitty seeding system".

They will get to the WCF's by the refs. Just like there is no way the Suns will win game six. The lakers will win in your basic hollywood dramatic fashion in game six to hype up the Lakers/Clippers series. And of course the Clippers dont have a chance against the La Lakers/Refs.

Clippers will lose just like the Suns will in game six. It's as sure as the sun will rise in the morning.

"Spurs aren't taking an early round exit. Dream on."

WTF?!?! Did people really think that?

LA was crappy at times this season, and deserved their low seeding. While Phoenix had a great year and deserved theirs.

Ditto for San Antonio and Sacramento.

LOL @ blaming the seeding system.

"No, if they beats the Suns, that's legit."

Game 4 looked real legit. lol


Well, it was amusing while it lasted. Phoenix was by far the better team, but I was hoping they would stay asleep and not realize it for just a tad bit longer.

Everything in the West is back to running true to form and as expected.