Lakers will Win!! 100% Sure!!!

Over the sorry ass Queens!!!..I hate Sac!. I hate Any Texas team..but I rooted for Dallas last year over Sac..that tells you how much I hate the Queens!!..

Please God..let the collapse of the Queens continue and let the Lakers reign as your favorite NBA team forever!!

Let all the Queens fans feel the pain of the Gold and Purple as they slaughter the weak and pathetic Webber and his team of wussies!!..LOL

Divac please burn you former team over and over again to prove it was a mistake to let you go!! and kick Webber's Ass while your at it!!!

GO Lakers!!!..

LMFAO!!!!!!!! Great thread, you fucking piece of shit!!!! KINGS WILL OWN THE FLAKE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!

There's fear in that Laugh Floppy!!!..u closet Laker Fan!!

hah, Divac will burn us, but it will be done by telling Tomjanovich what the Kings like to do on offense. That rat fink!!! Hopefully it doesn't matter too much.

And Miller if he ever touches the ball. Webber shouldn't even be out there. Bench him and bring in Songaila.

The forum curse shall reign supreme and wolfdeth's Lakers shall fall to the mighty Chris Webber and his supporting cast.

Oh look..!!..its the Laker Haters!..Suprised to see you on this thread..not.!!

Where are my Laker supporters at!!..lets run this shit!!!1

lol @ Chris Webber and his supporting cast!!!!! I can't wait to see what that chumps shot selection will be tonight. He wants none of Mihm that's for sure.

LOL!!!!! The Clippers OWN LA basketball!!!!

They don't own LA basketball!!.

we're 7-5

clips are 6-6

you bitches are 7-4

you will lose tonight!!!!

Floppy, unlike such overrated players as Duncan and Garnett, Chris "Mr Triple Double" Webber's game isn't just built around stats. Chris is a complete player and that is why he will finally earn, well deserved I might add, this seasons MVP. Don't hate appreciate!!!!!!!!!!

How many times will Webber complain to the Refs tonight???..i don't know ..but I bet if it was a drinking game i'll be drunk before the 1st quarters over!!!..

Webber is the MVP of the gimpy knees club...LOL!

So we have Webber as the MVP of the Gimpy Knee Club and Kobe as the MVP of the Rapists. Bravo to both men.

Kobe did'nt rape that girl!!!..she was crazy!!.hav'nt you been listening to LA sports talk

i'm going to Sackings forum and posting this exact same thread title!!

"How many times will Webber complain to the Refs tonight???..i don't know ..but I bet if it was a drinking game i'll be drunk before the 1st quarters over!!!.."

lol, if you didn't have Vlade on your team I'd agree with you. :)

"Sorry, Vlade, that is only one quarter. A game
is four quarters, and you gotta have 4 good
quarters to win the game, not just one."

Don't make fun of our player!!!!..Your just jealous that he was on Married with Children and Kelly was all hitting on

You still have webber and for that you should be sad!!..We have the great passer and rebounder Divac!!!..LOL

STFU Floppy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

bwahahahahahaha Even with the a little ref help the Lakers still fall to Chris "The Real Deal" Webber. What makes it even sweeter was hearing Rudy T say that this a must win big game for LA. LoL Wolfdeth I hope you learned a valuable lesson about never doubting the forum curse.