Lakers will Win!! 100% Sure!!!

I will break this forum curse!!!

evil laughter

HAaahahahahaa..Lame i sound like a tard never mind..LOL!


"Lame i sound like a tard never mind"

You're a Laker fan so we are used to it. ;)

lol!! Kings got lucky, but I still have to talk some shit. :)

got lucky? WTF you talkin bout floppy??

The Laker Hate is strong here!!.Must battle the Laker hating Siths!!!!

jones, I'm talking about those ugly shots Webber jacked up that found their way into the hoop. I was yelling at him almost every time he shot one and when it went in I'd just sigh and say "good job, but pass next time."

"good job, but pass next time."

Why would the team MVP pass the ball when he has guys like "No Heart" Peja jacking up shots that don't even graze the rim? Webber ain't no Kenyon "Flagrant Flu" Martin, Webber is a freaking balla. Stop the hate Floppy.

LOL!!!!! Yeah, after the first quarter Webber was like, "oh shit, I probably shouldn't keep giving Peja the ball in such good places or he's gonna keep making those shots."

Then Webber got really lazy, and his free shooting style kinda encourages the rest of the guys to do the same. Peja at a few points was taking shots just to take them. It was frustrating to see Peja miss so much and take some really bad shots, but I love the improvements in his all around game. That guy is the shit. lol @ no heart

Everytime Webber took the outside shot I just knew your ass was cringing. LoL

And you should thank the Greek Army for what they did to Peja this summer. His shot might be off, but they installed that Greek killer instinct in him and he no longer plays D like a Mavs starter. ;)

Hah, absolutely right about the cringing. And lol @ the Mavs comment!! Are they back to their old ways?? In the last few weeks it's seemed like the experts couldn't say enough about their newly found defense.

The Mavs always play good defense for a few weeks at the beginning of the season.

Yeah, but they've got Dampier now. LOL :)