god the forum curse better do its job.

I know I said I wouldnt be talking shit on people as their teams get bounced, but if a T-Mac AND Yao-less Rockets squad manages to upset LA, well then I will have no problem being a liar.

where is T mac ...he still with rockets?

WOW, oh WOW!!! You have some balls to taunt the NBA Forum Curse like that. 6 million LA fans and 12 million illegals living in LA are going to be pissed at you for this. Kobe is going to go down hard with an injury and the Lakers will lose a game. Jesus, when will people learn.

I see even "reds" can be bandwagonners!!!..LOL!!

GO LAKERS!!!! Beat the Fake Red Rockets!!!..LOL!

Game 5 in the books.   Although it has fucked big last year and a few times this season, I think the Lakers will PWN the Forum Curse this year.

^^ too true^^

 fuckin little bastards ran us on game 4.  they get the horns from now on.

Forum Curse will go in effect when you least expect it, Game 6 3rd quarter from an Andrew Bynum elbow. Kobe will break his precious cheek bone and will have to go Phantom of the Opera for the rest of his career. This will end his greatness, thanks for ruining it for us. dickhead.

lol @ cire

i NEVER understood this crap ....a team has all its 8 Ballaz on point and everyone goes balls out to win..then when one player goes down then dumbasses start playing softie CRAP...

what the heck is this??

ttt for phase one of curse complete!

indeed. wow.

lakers got slammed lol

fuck the fakers, i lost my ass twice now on their bullshit.
its like they r a completely different team when they r in houston

yeah ...its like nite n day

It is funny because so many analysts thought the Lakers and Cavs were almost going to walk into the Finals with ease. The Cavs have done great so far, but the Lakers have been quite inconsistent this postseason so far. If they do beat the Rockets at home, I doubt they will get past the Nuggets who are on fire right now.

too true ... a broke down Rockets team is making a 100% LA team hustle for everything and makeing them go to a game 7 CANT be a good thing...

I cant remember who the other 2 guys on the rockets squad that are out with injuries but its 2 total counting TMac and YaoMing. Imagine if they had just one of the 4 IR'd guys playing....Lakers wouldve been finished in 5 games at least... i think that shows just how Good and talented houston is .

NO WAY will LA get through Nuggets...period and vs the CAvs aint even nothing to talk about really.

 How hard is it?  The rockets are starting a 6'6 freaking CENTER....Put Odom, Bynum and Gasol in and give the ball to whichever guy Hayes is guarding EVERY SINGLE TIME.  Let Gasol guard Scola(most improved player in the plaoyffs?), Buynum stand by the non-factor Hayes and Odom on Artest....Ron practically guards himself with 75% of the shots he takes anyways.