F the Forum Curse!! I am on my way to the Game!! Later Suckers!!

So Hell yeah!! Purple and Gold BABY!!!


Dude... they are playing Denver, they better win.

Go Lakers!


So the Nuggets make a change in Defense and focus on Gasol. What Happens?
Kobe rapes them with 48pts and 10 assists.

But the crazy X factor the Lakers got goin for em right now is.... you guessed it LUKE FUCKING WALTON!

 love your work 2020! work son!

Great Game!!! Just Got Home! Hung out in hollywood afterthe game!!! It was the Rainbow Bar and Grill's 36th Anniversery!! lots of hotties out!!! :)

Thirdleg!! I was the NBA forum before the NBA forum was cool!! So Take that Bandwagon shit somewhere else!! I am Laker through and through!! PUNK!!..LOL!


George Carl looks like that John Lithgow dude.