Lakers Will Win tonight!!!

They will beat the F out of the Celtics and proceed to destroy the next team who get in their way to a Championship!!!

So be afraid fans of the Spurs,Mavs,and Kings!!..U have no hope now..So go to your rooms and cry!


lol, you fuckin puss, you waited until the game was more than half way over to say that they'd win!! :)

No way!!! ..I was out partying and then came back here to write this...they are playing right now???Wow I did'nt know this...hmmmmm

LOL, suuuuuuuure :)

Just another Laker hater!!..

please exit this


Does beating an Eastern Conference team ever count???

As an official Laker's hater I must say I don't like seeing that Fisher shoot 4 for 6 from three point land. I'd be a happy man if he never got his three point touch back. ;)

"Does beating an Eastern Conference team ever count???"

This coming from a fan of a team that has feasted primarily on Eastern Conference teams during its winning streak. I'm sure Dallas and Sacramento are salivating at the thought of their own double-digit winning streaks when they begin upon their east-coast tours. :-)

Medicine Me is correct!!!...105-82 Lakers win!..U can call your winning streaks anything u want..I call them Bogus!..Spurs,Mavs,Kings come to LA and prepare to lose..U might beat the Clippers but u won't beat the Lakers!...


If we want to talk about soft schedules. The Spurs won more games in December than the Lakers even played. We also beat more Western Conference teams in December than the Fakers did.

Aghh.. will the playoffs come already!..We want our trophy back!!


Wolfdeth - Actually, I'd like a few more months to get our shit together. Since execution in the half-court and team-defense are the keys to playoff winning I'd like to take this time to shore up these areas. Better grasping of the triangle is key now that everyone is zoning us. And can we PLEASE successfully defend a pick-and-roll for ONCE in my lifetime???

We're also not quite there yet from a health perspective. Kobe hasn't completely rehabbed his knee and shoulder. The explosiveness isn't fully there. Payton has some nagging injuries as well. I would not want the playoffs to start today...even though we'd be one game away from sweeping the Spurs! :-)

"..Spurs,Mavs,Kings come to LA and prepare to lose" - Just wait till you face Houston in the 1st round.