Lamar Odom vs Aaron Carter

WTF was that?

Ultimate freak show fight.

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Aaron Carter is a weird dude.

Mental health issues for sure.

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It was exactly what we should have expected. :man_shrugging:

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Play by play?


I wonder what Francis Ngannou is thinking…

Well, Odom is about a foot taller and outweighed Carter by about 60lbs.

Oh yeah, Odom was a former pro athlete and Carter is a drug addict/singer.

Imagine believing Aaron is actually 6 feet and 170 lbs lmfao. Must be very gullible or naive.

Fight made no sense lol skinny little crack head vs 7 foot tall athlete

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I fixed it for you

Lots of crack for everyone!

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He was 140 TOPS.

Good for him getting in there. maybe he’ll adopt a healthier lifestyle?

how did it go

Take a guess

id have to say Odom destroy him


He’s a notorious attention whore.