Lambert v. Rashad at UFC 63?

Saw a thread over at Sherdog saying this matchup was confirmed by Lambert's camp.

This is a great matchup in my opinion.

I give it to Lambert. Similar size and strength, more experience, more rounded game.

I think a win would help put Jason over and would do wonders for Rashad, the guy fights not to lose.

Rashad by decision... How many different guy's asses does Rashad have to kick for people to stop making him the underdog

Lambert is a tough guy he may be the favorite. But its so damn hard to count Rashad out. Ive been a Rashad fan since seeing him on the show hope he wins but this is a tough fight....again this guy doesnt get break or at least a can...

thats a tough fight, hopefully it makes the main card for once. He's won 3 fights in the UFC and none have gone the distance, and I bet anywhere from 1/2 to 3/4 of UFC fans don't even know who he is. I think he'll beat Evans in this one.

Rashad by dec

Rashad by decision. Lambert fan too. Good fight.

rashad by unanimous decision

I think people would be surprised by Jason's guard if someone does put him on his back. The guy is a good grappler.


no more rashad pls

Big fan of Rashad. He's like Randleman but with a brain. When he puts all his skill together in the right fashion he will be exciting, he is already formidible.

I still think that Lambert's experience is going to see him through though.

LAMBERT, show them the beast you are!


"Lambert has yet to meet a guy in the 205 division he could not overpower or overwhelm physically."

Win: Branden Lee Hinkle TKO (Referee Stoppage)

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jeez..the ufc is really gunning for rashad to lose...


" Too bad this fight will be a PRELIMINARY FIGHT!"

I guarantee it's a main card fight. Thank God we finally get to see Lambert. He's been on fire in his UFC fights so far. If Rashad wins this one he will be getting very close to being a legit top 10 LHW.

"Rashad by decision... How many different guy's asses does Rashad have to kick for people to stop making him the underdog" WEll how many ppl has Rashad kicked their asses...none. MAybe Brad Imes. He LnP's to a dec. everytime. Thats just winning not kicking someones ass. He needs to learn to finish. With that said Lambert takes the fight.

jason is an animal.rashad better come in shape.jason will win this fight.

Interesting fight, and the various reasons Dana and the UFC booked it.

"Hinkle, Wuiff, Eastman, Terry Martin"

LMAO, those guys don't have better wrestling than Rashad

Wiuff has equal or greater Wrestling Credentials than Rashad...Dosen't he?