Lamborghini Huracan prototype driver road rage


LOL Phone Post 3.0

How does a fat mess like that get a job test driving lambos?

What a douche. Phone Post 3.0

Don't they road test Lamborghini's in Europe? Phone Post 3.0

"ive been driving behind this guy for about 45 minutes" what a loser.

Was that Audi playing the role of the snowman and running blocker? Phone Post 3.0

I don't understand how any of those people have access to that car. If they actually work for VW I think Lambo driver and Audi slob both get fired.

Mushroom Slap - "ive been driving behind this guy for about 45 minutes" what a loser.

Disagree. It's a pre-release Lamborghini, and the guy who took the video is a professional car photographer.

Published on 4 May 2014

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There were some pretty interesting series of events today which all started from me seeing a picture of the Lamborghini Huracan on facebook this morning!

This test mule has been spotted all over the Gulf Coast of Florida since the beginning of 2014 and after months of hearing about the car I finally saw it driving on the highway with my camera in hand. The driver didn't seem to mind people driving along the side of him taking cell phone pictures but he obviously had an issue seeing the camera I was using to take pictures and video of the car.

After driving along for awhile an Audi A8 showed up and immediately cut me off. After trying to block me from making any lane change I got around the Audi to continue on my way. As I approached the exit with the 2 cars behind me I was amazed the Audi forced his way on my right hand side and blocked my car from getting off the highway as the Lamborghini pulled in behind me. I have seen plenty of prototypes driving on the road well before production so I was shocked the driver of the Lamborghini was exiting the vehicle on the side of the highway and approaching my car. He immediately started yelling at me trying to intimidate me which I couldn't be bothered by but when he reached inside of my car and shoved my camera he escalated the situation which I decided it was time to call the police before he continued any further. Like the coward he is he promptly got back in the Lamborghini when he realized I was calling 911 and took off while the Audi sat there for a few minutes blocking my car from exiting the highway.

I hope Volkswagen Audi Group sees this video and shows who they have representing their brand. What a shame!!

He called 911?

lol at this pussy harassing people on the road and calling the cops when they've had enough of him.

What a asshole to STALK someone like that for an hour. You think maybe that might cause someone driving around in a supercar to be upset? The fact that you were filming while driving for an hour and had the nerve to call the cops on someone else shows you are a total douchebag that has zero self-awareness. Put the camera down and drive before you hurt someone.

If some ass-hat was following me for an hour, I would call the cops on him.