LaMotta/Robinson 6 on Now

if anyone hasn't seen it yet

ESPN Classic shows it all the time. I think i saw it on there like 4 months ago too

officially, Robinson won 1-4, Lamotta won 5, and Robinson won 6 by TKO13, the only one of th e6 not to go the distance.

But I understand that Lamotta and alot of other people thought that he won 2 of the first 4 also

Lamotta fought everywhere from welterweight to lightheavyweight, so its hard to compare him to Robinson. Lamotta was the naturally bigger guy, and when he was in shape i think he was about as good as Robinson. The problem was that he let himself go between fights alot, and that he threw at least one fight, and apparently he once lost a decision to a guy he KO'd in the last round, and the guy was still out when they announced him as the winner over Lamotta

So i don't know that anyone will ever really know how good Lamotta was, since almost none of his fights were filmed. He was never down ever in his career though, so that has to count for something

lamotta won or stood even the first 8 rds then he started to tire, he was without a doubt one of the greatest fighters ever! very underated defensive fighter

Yeah the way people talk about LaMotta, he was a human punching bag but it's not the case at all. The guy was a great inside fighter, great body puncher, and very aggresive. Not a particulary hard puncher but he swarmed. If he had any KO power at all, he would have probably been the greatest middleweight ever. He was a real fighter, as opposed to an athlete who was good at fighting. He was born to hurt people, whether in the streets or in the ring.