Lampley Disses MMA


Who cares what he thinks. All I know is I watched a very boring boxing match for fifty bucks.

"I think you two [Lennox Lewis and Max Kellerman] would be great on the same ticket." Why didn't they just air a UFC promo already?

Wifebeater ... end of discussion

I knew it would stink.

wah wah some boxing people dissed mma....tapout wiggaz diss boxing daily on this forum

Lampley is out of touch, cool rebuttal by Max Kellerman however! Oddly enough. I heard Harold Lederman is a big MMA fan!

What did Kellerman say?

mmaweekly has the story

fuck lampley, and mccain, and cnn, etc etc etc

the ironic thing is - boxing may be dead, but it controls mma

Lampley still one of the best in the business.

What was Kellerman's reply?