Lance Cartwright in Australia

Lance Cartwright is fighting in Australia on March 19th againts Soa "the hulk" Palelei for the xfc promotion, he left for Australia on saturday. He is in for a tought fight, but after watching him train for the past 4 months and seeing him in the best shape of his life, no doubt Lance will kick some ass.
Good luck Lance and see you when you get back.


Lance will own!!!!!!!! He is definitely the "Next Big Thing" in the MMA Heavyweight scene. Killer stand-up and slick as hell on the ground. He will do well. I wish I could be there to witness this event!!!

Here are pics of Lance at the press conference. Still no pic of his opponent Soa 'the hulk' Palalei ...

Anyone check out Showdown Magazine? They didn't even have Cartwright rated. Yet they have Rob Macdonald at #3. Macdonald has had 2 fights against some chubby guy(that's the pot calling the kettle black) and Victor Valimaki. His fight against Valimaki was almost 2 years ago. Yet he is rated #3. Cartwright just beat Estifah, One of the best grapplers in the world. Yet he isn't even rated. Boo for Showdown.

Cartwright lost.

6'4" and 253lbs, Lance is HUGE. All the best.

hey Masturbater, Lance is a stud but he doesn't have the same # of fights as Macdonald, and Macdonald is undefeated. Does well in MMA and Kickboxing. I would love to see the fight. But you can't rank guys with 1 or 2 fights that high. Yes the heavyweight division is a little weak in the country overall, but give Lance a few more fights and he'll climb up the rankings.

Doerksen wasn't ranked forever either. Then he won wherever he went and got himself ranked! Lance will do the same.

Can't blame Showdown for ranking based on forecasts of fighters.

Plus they got a collective group of people to vote on the rankings, wasn't a popularity contest by them or anything.